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Hemne Sixth Form College

Hemne Sixth Form College (High School) is an active, regional school.  There are approximately 200 pupils at the school, including foreign students who are learning Norwegian as a second language.  There are currently 45 members of staff at the school.

Our main aim is to nurture each pupil’s creativity and talent, so that he/she feels wanted and gains a feeling of achievement in what he/she does.

 We offer the following courses of study: 

·         Building and Construction 

·         General Education Studies

·         Health and Social Studies

·         Food and Restaurant Studies

·         Technical and Industrial Production


This is our vision:


Focus on the Individual


Our New School :


Contact Us:

School’s Main Reception:  

Trondheimsveien 18             7200 Kyrksæterøra.

Telephone:    72811180                       

School’s Web Page: 


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